Carey Bollinger - Rigs Juries, Tortures And Kidnaps Men

Carey Bollinger is a licensed lawyer in New York and Washington DC. Carey Bollinger attended Harvard University and Columbia Law School.

Attorney Bollinger clerked on the Second Circuit for Judge Wilfred Feinberg and for the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Maryland under Judge Peter Messitte. Attorney Bollinger received her seat at Harvard and Columbia only because her father, Lee C. Bollinger, pulled strings on her behalf. Lee C. Bollinger is the current president of Columbia University and previous dean of Columbia Law Schoool. (See

Attorney Bollinger rigged a Ramsey County jury trial in Minnesota to torture an innocent defendant, which, unfortunately, included inflicting harm to his elderly mother. Carey Bollinger rigs juries in schemes to torture and kidnap men. More precisely, Carey Bollinger imparts violence on men who expose the corrupt acts of local attorneys and judges.

Rigging Juries

Attorney Bollinger does not seek justice. Instead, she falsely convicted an innocent man of a crime he did not commit. Even worse, Attorney Bollinger sought to engage in violence against the man based on a profile, because his ex-girlfriend viewed it, while a facially unconstitutional civil family order was in place, in a misdemanor case! The Minnesota Supreme Court later ruling the case unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

Sadly, Attorney Bollinger kidnapped the man for a year in a bogus politically motivated case. Attorney Bollinger is a very sick and deranged woman. It is simply not possible for a First Amendment expert attorney - Carey Bollinger - to land on a jury in a case involving allegations that the corrupt Ramsey County Court was targeting an individual over criticism of the Court. In picking juries, it is exceedingly rare for an attorney, let alone a Harvard trained First Amendment expert attorney to magically appear in the jury pool. This is obviously yet another attempt to rig and censor criticism exposing the violent and corrupt activities originating from Minneapolis and Saint Paul heralded by the events underlying George Floyd.

Carey Bollinger Sadistically Forced A Man To Listen To His Mother Die Over The Phone

The man was forced, while being tortured, and kidnapped by Attorney Bollinger, in a bogus case, later ruled unconstitutional by the Minnesota Supreme Court, to listen to his dying mother spiral over the phone. It goes without saying that this is further evidence of Carey Bollinger's evil and sadistic nature. Attorney Bollinger is a fake Catholic and must be held accountable for her actions. We call on the Minnesota Attorney General's Office to impanel an independent investigation stemming from the basis of her selection to the jury pool and the underlying facts surronding the bogus and wrongful conviction.

Looked like a "Meth Addict Married a Trucker"

During portions of the jury trial, onlookers stated that Attorney Bollinger wore torn clothing to the state court, and presented herself to appear as a meth addict. Specifically, Attorney Bollinger appeared to have yellow teeth and wreaked of body odor. Indeed, it appeared that Attorney Bollinger tried to intentionally pass herself off as a homeless person to avoid jury duty.

Attorney Racism

To her credit, Attorney Bollinger is no closet racist. Rather, she has made it known publicly that she is Minnesota's most racist attorney. Attorney Bollinger prosecutes, tortures, and assaults local residents for exposing Minneapolis City Attorney's Office racist Twitter campaigns. Even worse, Attorney Bollinger prosecutes local residents to allow violent federal and Minneapolis cops away without any accountability. This includes letting violent high ranking military base commanders to falsely testify and stalk ex-boyfriends while using their military position to assault and digitially lynch ex-boyfriends.

Sits By and Idly Watches Torture

Similar to George Floyd, where Minneapolis Police Officer Tou Thao sat by and watched, even using force to prevent citizens from saving Mr. Floyd's life, Attorney Bollinger acts in concert with Ramsey County Judge Sophia Y. Vuelo and Teresa Collett to prevent their victims from obtaining relief from her torture. This includes Attorney Bollingers failure to report Ms. Vuelo's actions to engage in judicial misconduct which contains evidenced events of Ms. Vuelo violating attorney-client privilige, speaking with pre-trial witness David McCabe among others, and engaging in sexual rendevous with Ramsey County Sheriff's all while chambered in Saint Paul.

Carey Bollinger is a danger to families in Minnesota, New York, and Washington, DC.

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